Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Experience With RegCure and REAL Customer Feedback

My Experience With RegCure & REAL Customer Feedback

RegCure (also mistakenly called "Reg Cure") is a windows registry repair utility created by Paretologic Inc, a company that offers a number of computer repair software products that fix a number of problems, including spyware, anti-virus, drivers, and data recovery, to name a few

Registry Repair Ability: FIVE STARS

RegCure performs a very fast registry scan, and finds the most accurate number of problems and errors than other programs. Some programs find more errors, but many aren't really errors at all and your computer will actually be harmed if you erase them

Once RegCure has performed its scan, it will then backup your registry, and then repair problems in a very short time. Once this process is finished, your computer will run like new. AND, RegCure will work to keep registry errors from coming back

Ease of Use: FIVE STARS

RegCure will walk you through the process step-by-step. You do not have to be a computer repair expert AT ALL in order to use this program. You just open it up, perform your scan, and you're done. The whole process is very hands off

Customer Service: FOUR STARS

RegCure offers an online help desk at all hours of the day


We have test the top registry cleaner software products on the market, and have found that RegCure is the best. In seconds, it will scan your PC, and repair any errors. If your PC isn't running like it used to, RegCure can repair it easily

Here is what other REAL customers have to say about RegCure:

"I began looking at possibly buying a new computer but came across RegCure and thought i'd give it a try before taking the plunge and spending a thousand bucks. I'm glad I did! My computer is super fast once again and those annoying error messages are completely gone. Thanks a bunch! You've saved me time and money."

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"RegCure works. It works great for me anyway. Been using it for more than 6 months already, and it does keep my PC in good shape."

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"I must have pushed some of the right buttons, cause my computer has speeded up tremendously since installing your product. Used to take 2 minutes to get Outlook Express to come up. Now takes about 2 seconds. I'm happy. I'm very impressed by your very prompt attention to my plea for help."

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